Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wit & Sarcasm

After a Vanavasa, I am back to blogging. To be frank I was forced to come out of retirement due to certain sarcastic element that you can see in the path of life. This element can be described as a mathematical Unknown commonly used in evaluation of Wrong Answers and popularly known to the World as Senor Charles Xavier. U might be wondering whether I have gone mad..Ha ha.. As usual, I blog when I need some relief or to discuss about some happenings or to exhibit some photoshop works.Now let me come to the point. Senor Charles likes to be in the limelight and will do any crap to remain in the Limelight. The main problem with our Senor Charles is that he has a rubber supporting framework instead of Calcium structures. He want the World to know him and will do anything illegal to achieve that. Senor Charles has learned the art of replication to the core that his works are just like copybooks, be it a blog or behavior. Above all Senor Charles self proclaims him to be great through his works.Greatness is something that should be achieved through genuine works and bestowed upon one by the society(not by self).

Greatness inspires Envy.. Envy engenders Spite.. Spite Spawns Lies .. (The madder I go)

Senor Charles is a blabbermouth, means only blah blah blah comes from his mouth i.e., never do something sensible comes from his mouth. If somebody negates it, Senor Charles blabbers again and the ends the futile blabber with a famous 4 letter word starting with F. Senor Charles as always operates under cover, kinda Guerrilla warfare cos he doesn't know how to fight in the open. Senor considers him to be a well known person and rarely gets some response to the social networking statuses. The reason is simple, a rule followed by many for the past few years. If u see senors name, then dare not cross it and keep him away, else he will spoil ur mood. (I guess all readers need a confirmation from Mr.Winner and Mr. Guru as what had happened on V-Day.). Senor Charles has replied something in his latest writings.. Some kinda retaliations but the wordings have been taken from few able candidates..(Shud hav at least put a courtesy symbol..ha ha ha).. I am not going into details as Senor Charles is reknowned for who he is, so am ending this blog here.

1) Its not just Senor Charles who has a blog but Senor Erik Lehnsherr also has his blog
2) Senor Erik will not post anything else on Senor Charles as he knows that retaliation is a poor weapon of Choice


  1. Senor charles is an illeagal immigrant.. :-)

  2. Dear Vineeth,
    Good Evening!
    Question of survival,yaar!Find out new weapons and dare not surrender!
    I am here so I can't help you much!:)
    Wishing you a lovely evening,