Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wit & Sarcasm

After a Vanavasa, I am back to blogging. To be frank I was forced to come out of retirement due to certain sarcastic element that you can see in the path of life. This element can be described as a mathematical Unknown commonly used in evaluation of Wrong Answers and popularly known to the World as Senor Charles Xavier. U might be wondering whether I have gone mad..Ha ha.. As usual, I blog when I need some relief or to discuss about some happenings or to exhibit some photoshop works.Now let me come to the point. Senor Charles likes to be in the limelight and will do any crap to remain in the Limelight. The main problem with our Senor Charles is that he has a rubber supporting framework instead of Calcium structures. He want the World to know him and will do anything illegal to achieve that. Senor Charles has learned the art of replication to the core that his works are just like copybooks, be it a blog or behavior. Above all Senor Charles self proclaims him to be great through his works.Greatness is something that should be achieved through genuine works and bestowed upon one by the society(not by self).

Greatness inspires Envy.. Envy engenders Spite.. Spite Spawns Lies .. (The madder I go)

Senor Charles is a blabbermouth, means only blah blah blah comes from his mouth i.e., never do something sensible comes from his mouth. If somebody negates it, Senor Charles blabbers again and the ends the futile blabber with a famous 4 letter word starting with F. Senor Charles as always operates under cover, kinda Guerrilla warfare cos he doesn't know how to fight in the open. Senor considers him to be a well known person and rarely gets some response to the social networking statuses. The reason is simple, a rule followed by many for the past few years. If u see senors name, then dare not cross it and keep him away, else he will spoil ur mood. (I guess all readers need a confirmation from Mr.Winner and Mr. Guru as what had happened on V-Day.). Senor Charles has replied something in his latest writings.. Some kinda retaliations but the wordings have been taken from few able candidates..(Shud hav at least put a courtesy symbol..ha ha ha).. I am not going into details as Senor Charles is reknowned for who he is, so am ending this blog here.

1) Its not just Senor Charles who has a blog but Senor Erik Lehnsherr also has his blog
2) Senor Erik will not post anything else on Senor Charles as he knows that retaliation is a poor weapon of Choice

Friday, December 10, 2010

Idle Hours

Yippiee.. Back to blogging after 2 months. It is always nice to take some break and give some rest for Mr. Brain. Else he would be exhausted and will not come for our bidding at the right times. I too wanted a break after all what had happend. Hectic work for a month, followed by injury and bed rest, limping in front of others, getting sympathy from people(urghhh I hate it!!!!!) etc etc. The last two months were a kind of refreshment to my mind. Again I am back sitting reading books, seeing films, learning TT (Table Tennis is the only game that I can play now without running around :D ). Let me now traverse through my mind(obviously for the past 2 months) so that even I can keep a track of things after few years :D

The so called professional life is also a bit boring without work. I have only chotta motta works and usually finishes it before time. The usual time pass with Sri and Appu has now reduced as both of them are busy with their own matters. Sri has gone on a long vacation. I envy him for being at home eating homely food while I am stuck up here with hotel food. Saala will be back this coming Monday and I am gonna finish him. Appu is also at home now. Her wedding is on Dec 15th in MP. I wont be able to make it, so I am wishing all the best for her big bright future.We three used to be the main trouble makers in our workplace before the advent of few fresh faces.In the so called silent workplace, we used to crack jokes, laugh out loud and also pull each others legs. When we were asked to train the fresh faces, we became serious as we had to set an example before them. In the time being, our little buggy Suni have become more naughty and is always after Sri. Appu is lucky that at least someone is there to be on her side when we tease her. Its still a month before the next big project comes, so I guess we have some more time to be of our own..

The past month I had made two Mysore trips. The first was for a 2 day stay and the mode of travel was Train. The second trip was more of an adventurous kind. I took my Stunner for a ride of total 320+ kms. The journey to Mysore was kicked started at 7.30am,took around 2hrs and 20 mins to reach my destination. The return took less time 2hrs 15mins to reach the Bangalore City. Again from City to reach Whitefield, it took 1.45hrs. Mysore is a very small place with some beautiful monuments and gardens. I was lucky enough to see the illuminated Mysore Palace on a Saturday as the Palace is usually lighted on Sundays. The Karanje lake and bird sanctuary are also worth a visit. The other good places are Planet-X and Mysore Zoo. Thanks to my fiancee Salini for planning everything well before my arrival.

Coming back to my circle of friends, I can say that nothing is going like it used to be. We had to hurt each other or irritate others at times. I feel sorry as I know I have intimidated a few of them. PK, if you ever read this blog please do accept my apology. I am sad that my words had hurt you the most. I didn't mean to offend you, but it happened in the course of time. Sorry again mate... Few of my friends were busy over the course of time with CAT, FMS, JMET,IIFT etc. Best of luck for you all guys. Hope you will bell the CAT this time..

This was the time when we won the Inter Tata Football Tournament. The matches were held at the Hockey Ground near Garuda mall. We never even conceded a goal in the entire tournament. The practice session, a day before the tournament,witnessed blood when one of our associate collided with another guy. There was a large cut above his left eye and had to put 8 stitches on that. The same day I twisted my leg and a car hit my Stunner's rear making her skid on the road(I dint loose balance. Another narrow escape :O ). The list of activities thus goes on

Life is changing, along with that priorities in life is also changing... I am just hoping that what happens is for good. Hmmm time is 12.50AM. I need to go for practice at AECS layout tomorrow morning. So it is time for me to sleep.

I feel all that I have scribbled down today is a replica of my diary. Let this be the e-version of the diary.. Let me end today's scribblings with one of the beautiful songs which I like.. Please dont think that I have translated it, just googled the song for the translation.

Film: Kal Ho Na Ho

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Life changes its beauty all the time
Chhaaon hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Sometimes it's a shade, sometimes life is sunlight
Har pal yahan jeebhar jiyo
Live every moment here to your heart's content
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

Chaahe jo tumhe poore dil se
One who loves you whole-heartedly
Milta hai voh mushkil se
It is difficult meet that person
Aisa jo koi kahin hai
If there is someone like that somewhere
Bas vohi sab se haseen hai
That person is more beautiful than all
Us haath ko tum thaam lo
Grab onto that hand
Voh meherbaan kal ho naa ho
He or she may not be so gracious tomorrow
Har pal yahan jeebhar jiyo
Live every moment here to your heart's content
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

Ho, palkon ke leke saaye paas koi jo aaye
Taking the shadow of your eyelashes, when someone comes near
Laakh sambhaalo paagal dil ko
You try to reason with your crazy heart
Dil dhadke hi jaaye
Your heart just goes on beating
Par soch lo is pal hai jo
But think, that which is here now
Voh daastaan kal ho naa ho
That story may not be here tomorrow
Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Life changes its beauty all the time
Chhaaon hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Sometimes it's a shade, sometimes life is sunlight
Har pal yahan jeebhar jiyo
Live every moment here to your heart's content
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho
The time that is here may not be tomorrow
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back at home.

It is after a long time that I am blogging today. Now I am at my home, looking outside the window and enjoying the rain coming down. A bit cold night, a time when people like to be curled inside the blanket and sleep off. And here am I, the psycho nocturnal as few describes me sitting and blogging. I love to be awake at night(but I am not a thug :P). This is the time I face the least disturbance and I can concentrate well. I got the name psycho-nocturnal from my one of my close buddies in Office. He termed me Psycho after the following incident.One day my PL asked me whether I am ready to come in shifts. I told her, yeah I have no problems as long as I am given morning shifts. On hearing this, my friend who never woke up before 10.30 am burst out laughing. In the shift scenario my timing would have been from 6am -2.30pm. I dont mind waking up at 5.30am. I have been doing that for most Saturdays and Sundays for going for soccer practise. But this was a big joke for him... :)

Coming to the current scenario. Life is big boring. This is the second occasion in my life that I am chained down on bed like this. I dont know whether I can pursue my athletic career hereafter. I will have to reduce the strain on my left knee from now. Also I concluded something.. You should chose a good partner for badminton, else u will end rupturing ur ligaments. :D :D. It was like an impulse, pain grossing on my left knee. I still can't remember what had happened at the point of the impulse. All I could remember was a jump towards my left, racket clutched in a left hand smashing the shuttle cock. My partner was also running for that cock. Once I landed after the smash I fell down, thought my partners racket had hit my knee. I was rolling in the court with pain. Two of the PLs in my account with whom I go for badminton were in the adjacent court. They saw me down and thought it as a casual fall. The fall seemed casual, but the impact was huge. Soon I got a knee guard to avoid furthur damage. Stopped playing for the day and sat there waiting for my friend. By 8.30, we got out of the academy and I dropped him at his home.

The Orthopedic surgeon had no doubt for this case to be a ligament injury. Even I had not doubt, I had seen this during my college days and had an ankle ligament strech some months back. I still remember my friend twisting his knee, falling down and yelling with pain when he was trying stepovers during a football match. Mine was no different, I was like put under Cruciatus Curse and was thinking someone had casted the curse upon me. Later when the Doc told me that I am having a Posterior Cruciate ligament tear, I had a weird smile on my face :)

Well the rest continues. I want to be back in Bangalore as soon as possible. I am missing my friends a lot. The 'Market Gang' as we call ourselves is to celebrate our Ammayi's birthday this week. Will definitely miss that..

Everything has some good part attached to it. Am looking forward for the Good part attached with this injury...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Skandagiri Moonlight Trekk

From Left: Bhavani, Alex, Bhargav, Giri, Soumyajit, Vineeth, Sandeep

What to say, a memorable trip in all respects.. Its the first time that I am going out for a trip without my regular gang... Watch the snaps and u will get to know our feelings... I am posting the writings by three of us about the trip and also the link to snaps... If you got time read and enjoy...

ALEX's Diary

May 4, 2010

"Break free, live life – that is what I sometimes feel sitting in this corner of the box we call cubical (I hate’em). It was one such day that the thought crossed my mind to get away from the bustle of the city to somewhere far away. It was a tough plan to make, ask me why, just because the old gang was no longer there. All of them were peacefully settled down after their marriages. Life meant something different to them; that’s what it seemed or rather that’s what I thought. Still the saturated mind needed a break. And there I was asking my new found buddies their interests. Being a two day plan Conoor did not seem to materialize. So it was the plan B. The plan B that was always there for all the treks we had ever planned – a trek to Skandagiri; to make it catchy lets say ‘A moonlight trek to Skandagiri’.

There it was, all plans made up in a jiffy. A trip on bikes that was the highlight; besides the fascination of a trek in the moonlight. We all met up at Kundanahalli at Bhavani/Bhargav’s house and set out at 12:00 AM midnight. Wow! I thought this is gonna be cool!. I didn’t forget to update my orkut status message to say ‘I’ve got a feeling…its gonna be a good night’ Courtesy Black Eyes Peas. And so it was, we were buzzing through the highways of Bangalore . Bangalore roads never felt this good, with no one to stop you! Once in your life time you’ve got to have this ride and feel the bikers’ passion. The cold wind trying to push you back, the chill in the breeze thrilling you, oh! It felt nice.

We had our time with some policemen on the way, who sold us some useless stickers’ for 20 bucks each. Pathetic I thought. Well I made sure that it remained a thought or else we would have not seen the rest of the trip. There were some locals trying to discourage us into not going further saying that there were some problems. But like Salman/Vijay/Mahesh Babu says in the Pokiri ‘Once decided even I can’t change my decision’ J . We went further and had trouble finding the route at one point. Giri was full of energy all the time and dared to swish through all directions while we waited. And we did finally find our way to the foot of the hill.

There again, there were people who tried to distract us and make some money out of it. Giri was our guru – our guide and Sandeep was the commander – he did all the talking J . We parked out bikes and set out to climb, Giri leading our way. Mr. Moon was smiling from the top. Full moon was on Wednesday and the waning had started, so Mr Moony looked as if he had been in a fight with a slightly disfigured face. The path the water had flown was the path we needed to take, our ‘guide’ instructed and so we did. It was tough, steep it was; a lame comparison would be a 45 degree incline on a tread mill. We started our trek at 3:00 AM and managed to reach by 5:15 AM with short breaks in between. We took turns taking the lead. I could see that the seasoned sportsman in Vineeth had least trouble in the uphill climb. Chocolates and water were consumed to re-energize ourselves. Some other ‘refreshments’ kept some people going. Every summit we climb, we felt it was worth the effort. And conquering it, oh! That felt awesome, just awesome!

We felt so hungry after reaching the top that we already started having out packed breakfast. There was Soumyajit’s ‘ Chihuahua ’ running around us to take a bite of our meal and I was irritated by its presence. Vineeth took a piece from bread and tried to feed the tiny thing. What!!! :x Pehele apni pet pooja, phir kutte ka :x. Kidding! Some interesting snaps were taken; someone had a fire at his back, guess who! Someone looked at lot taller than usual, of course on top of a rock. I didn’t plan to die but took a pic at the edge of a huge rock overlooking the valley. The rock looked like a tortoise/fish. There was an ‘innocent looking’ snap of Sandeep. Someone please explain ‘innocent’

The sunrise was expected at 5:53 AM. Mr. Sunny was punctual as usual and showed up on time. We took some snaps of the majestic art of God with shades of red, orange, yellow, grey and black. There was a dilapidated cluster of tall rocks; we took some risky snaps standing on top of that as well. Once satisfied we planned for the climb down, before Sunny gets fired up and start to dehydrate us.

The climb down was difficult as well. Our ankles were getting twisted in all directions and we were trying hard to keep a steady foot on the rocky surfaces, there was no proper path anyway. But it turned out to be a lot quicker than the uphill trek. We started off at 6:45 AM and were back around 8:00 AM. Soumyajit, Bhargava and Giri had slight injuries, but over all no one was hurt and we didn’t have to use the first aid kit we carried.

The sleepless night was about to take a toll on us. We got back on our bikes and at jet speed started back home; wishing so badly to plunge into out cozy beds.

Final verdict: An awesome trip. Guys any more comments, please add on! "

May5, 2010

" Apart from a trip to hogenakkal (good one . water babies will love it) all my weekends in bangalore have been revolving mostly around the silver screen or silver ware(no regrets though). So a trek that too during my favorite part of a day (which is the night) had me all excited and rejuvenated. And when its with six chilled out guys, one cannot ask for more. Only thing that could have literally dampened our spirits would have been the rain, but it was a very favorable climate. Thank the rain god for lying low that night. I guess if we had to thank another god, it would be the god of love. Though Giri was the guide for most of the time, there were moments when he was also confused. It was during such times that cupid through his messengers "Sneha and Praveen"(and many more) helped us confirm that we were on the right track. May their love last till the rock on which they engraved their names lasts(too much to ask for but hope they go on many more treks).

When we were searching for the right path and were starting to feel a bit drained out, couple of guys stumbled upon an "elderly monk(small in stature .large in influence)". The wisdom that flowed out of his mouth took them to a different level altogether. They were lucky enough to be in his company on the way down too. We also learnt some history during the course of our trek. Transport system has always been inefficient in India (We waited at the Tipu Sultan Bus Terminus for quite some time but all hopes of taking a bus to the top went down the hill.) We also discovered how compassionate Tipu was towards nature and all its creations and had a few theories on why he had lost his kingdom. We also found out one among us had time he would be the chief of the dog killer squad and then turn into a botany student working on his final year project taking close up shots of flowers, grass etc. Far from suffering he seems to enjoy it so, Hope he is never cured of it!!!!!

Mr.Vineeth took some trouble to pose for some really cool but little risky shots which at the end might be waste as he is already committed unless of course he has different plans.
And once we reached the top and saw the sun rise only thought that comes to mind is "God must be one hell of a painter" (For the atheists, It must be one hell of a reaction going on up there). Thanks to the thing called camera we had some of the best moments and sceneries captured.

It was an amazzzzzzzzing trip for all of us but a learning one for Giri in particular as he got to improve his vocabulary and has been putting it to daily use.

Looking forward to many more such trips !!!!!!!!!!!!

5th May, 2010

"I had wrote the stuff below in red when I had got Alex's mail... Though I didn't get time to complete, I am evading my work for now to share my trekking experience.

Well, for me was a Trip on the fly as I decided to join it only on Thursday. It was the third or fourth time that Alex had been calling me for the trip and each time I used to bunk off as I had one plan or the other. At last we all had the zest to carry on with the trip,still there was confusion on the date of the trip. Should it be on Friday night or Saturday night? It was finalized that we will trek on Saturday as there was some 5mm rain forecasted in the Sites on friday. The fun began after coming together in the Raghavendra Paramount # LG 20. We had four bikes and 7 trekkers. Alex was not willing to travel without a pillion rider. I came up that I can ride alone and it turned out to be a foolish decision by me. (But a wise decision for one of the 4, who could have been my pillion. Bhavani should have understood on the return trip, why I chose going alone..) Anyways it was really boring to ride without a person to talk or guide you (Hereafter I will find someone as my pillion).

The bikes were flying at an average speed of 80Kmph. Apache n Pulsar engines were roaring but the poor Stunner and Slpendor were crying.-"Please dont take us to the extremes!!! We may Collaspe :( " . I saw some bright flashes, thought it to be lightning, later realized that it was the adventurous duo of Bhavani and Soumyajit taking snaps of the bikers who were BEHIND them.. As soon as we reached Yelehanka, we had an arachnid attack as in the film Starship Troopers. These mayfly/bugs were hitting us right on the helmet and at times we switched off the lights so that it won’t come for us. Helmet, bike and the jacket were covered with the mutilated bug bodies :O.. Hats off to those brave bugs who died attacking us..Inspite of the bug assault we felt that we would reach the destination well before time, but had to purchase 'Dec09' stcikers from Drunk police n also stopped to use gps, internet and googlemaps for the onward journey.

Let me now go directly to the trekking. Seasoned trekkers like Alex, Sandeep and Giri showed the path for us newcomers. Sandeep was inspiring himself and others yelling “ Comeonnn Sandy, u can….yeahhhh”. Wherever we rested, was a summit for us and at times I felt being mad to climb up the stupid mountain with awkward rocks popping up here and there. Cracking jokes about Tipu, his bus stop, the lovers Sneha & Praveen who used to meet in the bus stop (They had engraved their names on the walls of the shed) we climbed up the mountain which became steep at times. Soumyajit was in high SpiriT’s at times shouting “ Skandagiri…Here I comee.”. Bhargav and Bhavani were as usual on Giri, irritating him and we could see Giri retaliating( Guess Vocabulary Matters!!! ). After reaching the summit, I understood why the Himalayan climbers are considered doing a great task.

Soon our chai wala came and took orders for our breakfast. With him came a bunch of dogs for the omlets that he made for us.Poor young " Chihuahua " who got life threatening from Alex,was one of them. Although Alex drove "Chi" away, "Chi" was running after Alex just like a puppy after mummy dog (:D).. Yummy Omlets, Magi noodles and tasty tea totally boosted up our energy. Soon Alex was running here and there with his camera. (Botanical Student?? I would daresay Zoological. U can see that Alex's had fired a snap of a couple behind a rock..ha ha) The professional photographer in Alex was thus let loose over the Skandagiri. I guess there will not be any portion of the Hill which is not in his camera. The photosessions were awsome, and at times I had the urge to say to God- "GODD, tussi great ho, Tofa kabool karo...Amidst I could shoot a "back" on fire, innocent Sandeep (A smile on face, fire in hand, a bent posture with a bag on back and a camera hanging around neck resembling a water bottle--- just like an LKG student and that’s y I termed him innocent), the Gulliver Bhargav, the Tall Man on the Stone, a suicide attempt (Alex, I will remove the snap from Orkut once u get committed (:D) ),and a "pillar" on a pillar.

Reassuring our Chai wala that we would get to him when we Trek again, we started the descent by 6.45am. With my past spiritual trekking experience I knew the descent would be tiresome. Alex was not to mess with Mr Sunny and could be seen running down the hill. At times he was lucky not 2 slip down the hill.. Bhargav and Giri was not so lucky cos of twisting of ankles and slipping down. Sometimes I felt that Giri will sleep off somewhere on the rocks, his eyes were so red that I doubted often, whether he had taken a few pegs. Once we started back on bikes, the urge was to get back asap.. In the process Pulsar tailed Apache and the Stunner was wingman for Splendor...

NB: I would like to go back again to Skandagiri again in the near future... BEAUTY AT THE BEST!!!! "

Friday, October 9, 2009

I woke up very early today...By 6 am...You mite be wondering whether this time is early or so. For a software engineer 6am will be Brahma Muhurta coz rarely he sees that time. I went with my football to the ground and did some shooting practices..My weight have finally crossed 63kgs and dont have the fitness that I used to have during College days.. Age'ing legs are also a matter of concern now...The sprinter in me have been put to sleep for almost an year now.. I came back by 8am and saw Japan leaving for his classes and later by 10 we all were in Forum for seeing WAKE UP SID.... The gang included regular people and also Shahadad this time..

What to say, the movie was worth seeing.. I would have liked my friend to watch the movie till the point just before the climax, when the monsoon pours down. It would have conveyed all that I wished to tell... I loved the film for that.. Of course I am a stubborn fellow but have changed a lot in the past few months...He he..

After the film we all went to our dear Maria Circle, the mallu restaurent in the heart of Marthahalli and ate lavishly which made a bill of INR 903.00 to be kept atop our table..Later I came and had a good sleep till 5pm.

At 5, I called Alan, a guy and student in MVJ Engg College who is frm Chengannur. He had told me about mallus playing soccer in MVJ College and I had expressed my wishes to join them. I reached there by 5.45 and played in the Mallus vs Chinki game.. We won the game 2-0, both the goals being scored by me...Anyway am planning 2 go there 2ow also...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back Again.....

Vineeth R Pillai - last post Aug 17, 2009

Ha ha...Last post almost one and a half months ago and really I was back to Kindergarten days. Please dont have an impression that I loved the 2009 KG days.. The timings, the class teacher, home work and classworks, waking up early... It was really HECTIC.. Saturdays and Sundays also in class room chanting
A for Ab Initio
B for Boredom
C for Coffee [Yeahhhhhhhh]
D for Donkeys Life
E for !@#$%^&*()_+

The better part of KG-revisited was the lab that was set up for us.. We had to "keep a finger on our lips" and do what was given to us.. and that was the RULE...

Mr Friend: Vinu yaaar , "What are these RULES for da??? "
Mr V: Kya patha yaar- "I feel that RULES are just made to be BROKEN"
Mr Friend: "What?? I dont like people breaking rules..Just stop there, you are not interacting with others and not coming up with doubts. For our overall development and enhancing your professionalism, you should be proactive with team with superbounding........."
Mr V: Wait wait....I cant get u..Lemme check the dictionary....

Almost every nights during KG-revisited I was woke up with this dream, where my friend finally turns out to be a dragon and eats me.. Just like a Damocles Sword above my head..And at last the sword came down and I could jump out of its way, in time... Did someone pushed me out of its away? No time to think of that at this time...Its 9.10 am and I will hav to get to office by 10... ~VRP~ signing off....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hopes And Dreams Are Up Again

WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!! Waah Ustaad waah.. Chelsea netting a winner in the injury time, ManU winning by a goal, Arsenal filling Everton's post with goal rain, Liverpool losing its opening game and apart from all these, again the LIGHTNING BOLT STRUCK ON THE SPRINT TRACK in Berlin..Only a couple of days ago I had read an article in Hindu that 2 scientists brought out their work, 100mts sprint by men cannot be bettered beyond 9.52sec. And yesterday Usain Bolt bettered his record to 9.58secs. Only 0.06sec less than what is possible for humans. He was awsome and should wait and see whether anyone can break it or not.

After a month of resting, I went to the grounds again. I was at KVs home seein Rang De Basanthi along wid Riju, Cletus and KL. When the film was about to finish Abish called us to K-Gate to play cricket. KV instantly got ready and we we reached K-gate by 3.30. For the next 3 hrs we were doing what all we could in the ground.
Finally tired and sleepy, I reached home by 9.30. On sunday evening, I went to Whtefield ground to watch soccer and finally ended up playing the game. Boot-less and not purely fit I played for over an hour. It was fun irritating the goal keeper and a defender when three of the forwards interchanged passes with each other in the penalty box without shooting to the post eventhough it was left wide open.

At nite we prepared paayasam...And had paayasam and noodles for the dinner...It is a wonderful combination like jilebi n meenkari, laddu wid beef ulathiyath. And at nite I sat reading Unix. Unil was developed in Bell Labs in 1969 blah blah blah and it was the first OS to be written in a high level language blah bhlah blah.. It is interesting and I think is a creative platform...Anyway its time to log off... I have taken more than an hour break to pen the last two lines.. With better hopes and dreams for tommorrow, I will be off to sleep after a couple of FIFA matches